We know how important it is to have an energizing and delicious first meal, that's why we have a selection of breakfast for your special production.


Lunch, is the reward after working hard in any production, we bring our food with a part of us on it, and we are glad when we

see you enjoying it.

As follows some sample menus:

breakfast - regular

orange juice


greek & coconut yogurt parfait


scrambled eggs / cup eggs


smoked bacon


butter croissant - artisanal multigrain toast


muffin - lime cake

peruvian menu

•organic mix greens - radishes grape tomatoes 

 dijon mustard vinaigrette


•quinoa and corn fritters - cumin - fresh mint 


•chimichurri served on the side


•grilled chicken skewers with peruvian panka peppers 


•causa - potatoes - tuna salad and avocado 


•shrimp ceviche a la peruana

•chocolate ganash cake

breakfast - special

organic orange / grapefruit juice


organic greek /coconut

yogurt parfait


scrambled eggs / fried eggs

grape tomato - basil/arugula


smoked bacon

sausage - turkey / pork


butter croissant - multigrain toast


organic vegan banana muffin

japanese fusion menu

•edamame - avocado dip - wasabi - yuzu - rice crakers


•romaine salad baby - cucumbers - grape tomatoes - carrot ginger vinaigrette


•okonomiyaki pancake - green cabbage - carrots


•roasted japanese eggplant - sweet miso - asparragus

•japanese rice - furikake - grated radish - ponzu

•roasted chicken hoisin - green onions - shishito peppers 


•roasted salmon furikake seasoning - crispy leeks


•tomato sambal 

•home made chocolate mousse 



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