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About Manuk

The north coast of Perú was the cradle of a great civilization, called Mochica,

Manuk means in ancient Mochica language "the place where you eat".

Even if you have a short amount of time to eat, a meal can be a real journey.

Manuk's mission is to let you eat a little piece of the world, 

and make you slow down,  even for a moment, and enjoy where you are.

Wherever you are at the time you are eating is the "place where you eat" 

and that place should always be the best place possible.

Chef Rosario Montoya lives to cook, and her artistry in the kitchen comes from 

the simple belief that food is one of our greatest pleasures.

She will bring you flavors from the past and from the present, and we hope you 

will taste our philosophy that you can't live well unless you are eating well.


manuk's mission

"at Manuk our goal is to make dishes the best way, to make our clients have a tasty pleasant experience worth to be repeated"


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